The Time He Spent With Refugees

No pretty weddings today. No far-off adventures with beautiful couples today. No fashion bloggers showing their latest looks. This week, everything has been put into perspective.

And our hearts are breaking.

Caleb recently traveled to the Middle East to aide and photograph the refugee camps. Today, we’re going to show you the faces of the people the West is rejecting.

These people are living in tents and cinder block dwellings. The UN has cut off their monthly allowances because¬†there is no more money to give. They cannot get work because there aren’t any jobs for them to do. They are fully reliant upon the generosity of donors and workers and organizations bringing in food. They have no homes to go back to, because their cities and houses and places of work have been flattened. Many of these individuals have trades they did for years before having to flee–they were craftsmen, doctors, lawyers, nurses, seamstresses, caretakers. They are fathers fleeing with their wives and children in hopes of keeping their families safe. They are mothers, desperate to provide their children a life with more to offer than a home flattened to rubble. They are children, desperate to play football in a street without the threat of bullets flying over their heads. They are human beings who have lived with the fear of being killed by an extremist group who sees them as “not Muslim enough.”

These are the faces of people who invited Caleb’s group into their tents and gave them tea–taking from their own meager supply to give thanks to the rich westerners who brought them food. These are the faces of people who are grateful for everything they are given, even when it’s barely enough to survive.

These are the faces of the people the West is rejecting. These are the faces of the people who need our compassion the most in the world. These are the faces of people who we are called to love.

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Kari and Caleb - February 5, 2017 - 2:43 pm

Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! We are just hoping that people will see these photos and understand exactly what you said–they are human! It’s amazing how caught up people can get on a culture. But you cannot judge the character of a culture by the actions of a government or a small radical group. The people are just living life like the rest of us! I’m so grateful you were touched by this post.

JK Blackwell - January 29, 2017 - 8:10 pm

Good on ya!! The images are heart warming. Hope those who have seen this realize that refugees are people too with dreams, hopes, love for family, and just want to have a better life just like any of us.

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