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Happy Monday!

We’ve been running around like crazy with weddings, engagement sessions and fashion shoots. We’re FINALLY caught up, and now we’re getting ready to head out of state for a brand new set of work. haha. But we’re blessed to have so much business with so many wonderful clients! But I digress.

Today, I’m going to take a minute to address something that reallllllly needs to stop. Wedding guests, family, and friends. Please. STOP. When you are invited to a wedding, it’s because your friends want you to be present for the happiest day of their lives. So BE PRESENT. Put your phones and iPads AWAY! When you spend the entire wedding day trying to get the perfect photo of the bride and groom, you not only get in the way of the professional photographer, you often RUIN the photographer’s photos by either getting in front of their shot, firing your flash at the exact moment that the photographer snaps their photo, or get in the background of a beautifully composed shot and the eye is drawn straight to your hideous cell phone raised like a beacon in the air.

Stop. Put your cell phone away. Enjoy the ceremony. Dance the night away. Have an amazing day celebrating your friends. I PROMISE, people will still believe you were there even if you don’t have 100 photos to prove it! I PROMISE, the professional photographer that the bride and groom hired to capture their day will deliver photos that will make the day look as beautiful as it actually was (cell phone quality images always make venues look horrible and make the bride and groom look decent–at best). I PROMISE, your life will not end if you leave your phone in your pocket or purse for five consecutive hours.

Enjoy the moment. Live in the present. Stop ruining photographer’s pictures! And to illustrate my point, I would like to post a few photos that would have been so much more beautiful if only everyone would unplug for a few short hours and trust the professionals.


During this wedding, I had to walk halfway down the aisle just to avoid having guests in the photos. I almost didn’t get the bride and groom’s first kiss because there were so many guests standing in the aisle to take their own photos.

Cottonwood Studios

No bride should have to walk down the aisle and search for a smiling face. If your cell phone is in front of your face, you can’t smile back at the excited bride!

Cottonwood Studios

A photographer should never have to compete to take photos of a bride or groom walking down the aisle. After asking this woman to move three times, I had to physically move her in order to get her to move out of my way.

Cottonwood Studios

So please stop. There have been too many of these blog posts from too many photographers for this to continue being an epidemic. We need to go back to the time where we live in the moment and capture memories with our minds rather than our phones. And trust me, you’ll have much better memories of the day if you’re actually paying attention to the events rather than worrying about taking your photos.


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