Thailand Vacation

Happy Thursday! We don’t usually do personal posts on our blog, but we figured an international working vacation was probably a good reason to do one! Our trip started and ended in Chiang Mai, with a few days in Phuket sandwiched in the middle. It was one of those trips where you come home feeling slightly confused. “Wait, why are we driving on the right side of the road?” “Can I drink the water out of this faucet?” “Why can’t I eat a huge meal for $2.50 here?” We loved every minute of our trip, and hope we’re able to share just a peek at the incredible Thai culture with you through this post.

Kari + Caleb

We started and finished our trip in Chiang Mai. This is us on a tuk tuk – one of the local taxis.

These are spirit houses in front of a banyan tree.

The next several images are from the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

This was my (Kari’s) favorite meal on the whole trip. The restaurant was call AUM and it was incredible. In all our travels, the most important part of each trip isn’t what we got to see while we were there, it’s what we got to EAT! I had to control how many photos of food I included in this post, but believe me it was incredibly difficult.

This was at one of the open air markets. This was a table full of cooked bugs. Caleb and I didn’t get that adventurous, but we wanted a photo of it anyway.

This was a super fun meal at an open-air restaurant that was all-you-can-eat hot pots.

The next day we had a picnic lunch and hike up to a fabulous waterfall. There were 10 levels of the falls, but we only went up 8.

This photo was taken on a dinner cruise from The Riverside restaurant (one of my favorites from the whole trip!).

The next day we drove up the mountain to see the main temple in Chiang Mai. It was incredibly beautiful. There were little girls dressed up around the stairs leading to the temple who would let you take photos of them if you paid. They were SO cute…I just couldn’t resist!

You can see the monks walking in the background in this one!

The restaurant we ate at for dinner was a real-life Thai version of a Rainforest Cafe. Click here to view their website. The second photo down are 2 of the sinks in the bathroom. I was also tempted to put a photo of the actual toilet stall on this post as well – each stall had a tree in it next to the toilet! Such a fun experience.

On day 5 we went to the Baan Thai Cooking school and learned how to cook all our favorite foods (except sticky rice….which made me quite sad). This was probably our biggest meal on the whole trip. We ate SO much food!

After cooking school we went to a night market and got some fantastic ice cream.

Heather and Scott took us to an incredible coffee shop called Ristr8to. The owner is a world champion Latte Artist. Take a look at our incredible drinks! Caleb and I think that he should be hiring himself out for weddings. We know our clients would love to have a latte artist at their receptions!

We absolutely loved Chiang Mai. Here are some photos of us being…..well….us!

And these were taken on the day we did Scott and Heather’s photo shoot!

Next, we hopped on a plane and headed to Phuket, Thailand. It was an incredible experience from our amazing villa, Baan Heaven, to the beach, to the food, Phuket was a glorious vacation from start to finish.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of Thailand! We can’t wait to get back there someday.


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Mom - March 31, 2014 - 4:13 pm

This was a wonderful look back on an incredible trip!! Thanks for taking the time to post this! Thanks for in inviting us to go with you; it was life changing for sure!!

Sonya - February 22, 2013 - 4:42 pm

Wow! What an incredible experience! I am so excited for you guys! And back to NYC?! The pictures were just so colorful and amazing. You two look so good! Thanks for sharing.


Aunt Babsy - February 21, 2013 - 9:09 pm

I SO LOVED the pictures of your trip….I felt like I was there,,,,and especially enjoyed the pictures of you both….THANK YOU SO MUCH,,,,for my Trip to Thialand…All my Love Aunt Babsy

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